Secondary Infertility

Struggling to have another baby,

 We’ve all hear about couple who are unable to conceive their first baby  –but less is known about secondary infertility. Read the truths about secondary infertility here.

There is an assumption that if a couple has been able to conceive easily in the past, they will be able to have more children in the future.  But, this is not always the case. Their experience to build on to their family can be a difficult and painful experience. A common case of secondary infertility may go undiagnosed for years. Those suffering from secondary infertility may not even realize they have a reproductive problem. it must be understood that secondary infertility is not about woman problems only, problems can occur in Man as well after first baby.

The problem could be:- male, female, or both.

Secondary vs. Primary Infertility Overview

Primary infertility is the inability to conceive a first child. For women under 35, a diagnosis of primary infertility – explained or unexplained – is made after one year of unprotected, regular sexual intercourse fails to conceive a pregnancy. For women over 35, this period is shortened to six months.

Couples suffering from secondary infertility are often turned down by fertility clinics because diagnosis is difficult.

Causes of Secondary Infertility

Sec Infertility 2

The causes of secondary infertility are very close to the causes of primary infertility. The human reproductive system changes over time and medical conditions arise. Secondary infertility can result from either male-factor infertility or female-factor infertility causes:

•Low sperm production

•Poor sperm motility

•Poor sperm quality – morphology

•Irregular or no ovulation in women

•Hormonal issues for both men and women

•Fallopian tube blockage, after miscarriage, D&C, Post delivery infections

•Damage due to Endometriosis

•Uterine cavity damage that may have occurred during a previous pregnancy

Both partners should undergo testing to identify the root cause of secondary infertility. Then, a personalized treatment plan can be developed addressing the  medical needs.

Successful Treatment options are available , You can call:-

Ms. Musharaf, Secretary to Dr Samrina Hashmi

Appointments:-0333 0262393

10am to 4pm except Sundays


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